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Harry Potter meme ♦ six scenes [5/6] 

So what is it he sees in her?

He can’t.. not now, I came all this way.

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Life’s Too Short 


~2.3k words

do not let the first sentence fool you! nothing happens to darren, other than a revelation. he’s fine, I promise. inspired by this episode of sex and the city, where mr. big has a heart surgery.

giant thanks to mika & lena for giving this their seal of approval. 

Darren is fifty-four when he has the heart attack.

“Specifically, a coronary artery spasm,” his doctor clarifies. “It’s when the arteries tighten and the oxygen-rich blood can’t get through to the heart. He’s pretty healthy, which indicates that this might have been brought on by too much stress. Combined with his family history, it’s definitely not unheard of. He should be fine within a few days, but we want to keep him here to assure there are no further heart complications.”

Too many years, Darren’s busied himself with work, running back and forth, attending, starring, singing, and dancing at too many events, playing for too-crowded venues, getting into too many different characters’ headspaces, stopping for and greeting every fan possible, surpassing expectations, skipping sleep, undeniably giving his all… His body is now adamantly telling him to stop. Just for a while. He needs to rest. To calm down. To take a damn break. But he wouldn’t be Darren Criss if he provided anything short of his best. So now, Darren lies on a hospital bed, weak yet stable, surrounded by his immediate family.  

No one calls Chris. But Chris calls Darren, and Darren’s father picks up. Before Bill even begins explaining, Chris senses something is wrong. Why else would Bill answer his phone call?

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"'Yeah, the best! Soft supple lips that go on for days.'

      — Max Adler at G4 when asked ‘Is Chris Colfer a good kisser?’ (via puddandflones)

Darren Criss Through The Years (via youtube)

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Now, we have heard Chris that you have now, well you’ve had it for a while but a diva living with you that causes drama. Now we want to now everything about this diva.

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I am having so much fun finding pics of my students who showed up at the St. Paul book signing. I have seen so many of them in the background shots from fans. Thanks to everyone who is posting the sweet shots of my kids (and you don’t even know it, lol)!

I started writing out my story of meeting Chris and I’m finding that most of it is too personal to post, as the bleed from my professional life to fandom life would be way too much. Suffice it to say that he has made a huge impact on the kids I teach. I gave him a book of letters and stories they wrote for him and he made sure to tell me to thank them. 

Also, I brought a student in with me, one whose family wouldn’t have done it, and one who really needs to be inspired. This guy’s dad must have asked me four times what kind of hold I have over his son because he never sees him so smiley, happy and excited, nor as well-behaved, as he was that night. I think I can call it the “Colfer effect”. This little guy couldn’t read at the beginning of the school year, and he was exceedingly motivated to learn to read because of TLOS. Other than choosing to read it out loud, which sparked his interest, I had very little to do with the transformation. Seeing this guy meet Chris and getting to see Chris interact with him was the highlight of the night for me, much more so than my own fumbling interaction (good Lord, I was so nervous!).

Seeing kids whose lives were changed forever by this series of books interacting with the author? Worth every extra minute on the road and every dime I spent on gas. 

50/100 pictures of Chris Colfer

50/100 pictures of Chris Colfer

@TheTalk_CBS: .@chriscolfer on #TheTalk now!

@TheTalk_CBS: .@chriscolfer on #TheTalk now!

@JRadloff .@chriscolfer Kudos on #TLOS3! Can’t wait to read my copy. Loved being w/you at @TheTalk_CBS today! @glamourmag

@JRadloff .@chriscolfer Kudos on #TLOS3! Can’t wait to read my copy. Loved being w/you at @TheTalk_CBS today! @glamourmag

grantgust: Resting for a sec before it’s back to work. #jettlife
grantgust: Resting for a sec before it’s back to work. #jettlife

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"I guess

      — I disagree with you but ill let you have this one because I don’t feel like debating anymore with your simple ass (via monitormylife)

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