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*puts a leaf in my coffee* aesthetic

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so much mental traffic in the universe. solitude is the only peace.

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@msleamichele Great recording session with @alxanders for #GleeSeason6 today! 
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msleamichele: Tea time:) #relaxing #cozy #happy ✌️

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"The one thing I wish these girls that come to my shows knew is that they are exactly where I was when I was a teenager. I had no idea who I was! I was going through all these phases. I was trying on different outfits and all these different personalities, trying to figure out what category I fit into, and which clique I would be accepted in. But if you just keep doing ‘you’, and being who you are and doing what feels natural to you, maybe you won’t find a place where you fit in for a very long time, but you eventually will."

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Nightbird: College AU Edition


Word Count: 1,659

Klainebingo prompt: Superpower

Kurt wasn’t entirely sure how it had happened, but somehow his ordinary Wednesday had turned into an attempted mugging, and now he was being walked home by a superhero. An actual superhero. He had, of course heard of Nightbird before - everyone in New York had, he was kind of famous - but he hadn’t exactly expected to find himself in somewhat casual conversation with the man.

“So, Nightbird,” he asked, “what do you do when you aren’t out rescuing people?”

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Summary: Blaine is far too invested in his Pokémon game. And Kurt simply won’t have that. (with kitty!kurt)

A/N: I know I said I was taking a writing break, but now I’m challenging myself to crank out as many drabbles as I can before my weekend ends. 

“What is that?”

It’s the fifth time he’s asked him. Blaine’s been sitting on the couch for the past few hours with some device held closely to his face, and Kurt didn’t care for it until, of course, Blaine declined his invitation to nap together.

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Hufflepuffs are boring”

*waves Nymphadora Tonks in your general direction*

Hufflepuffs are stupid pushovers”

*drops Cedric Diggory’s dead body on top of you*

Hufflepuffs are shy”

*slaps you in the face with Ernie MacMillan*

Hufflepuffs are polite”

*fires Zacharias Smith at you out of a canon*

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get to know me meme » [5/6] tv shows: shameless (us)

↳ nobody fucks with the gallaghers.

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